Tuesday, March 5, 2013


You know, I'm getting real tired of seeing "first-person shooter" and "FPS". There's no middle ground. Most people when asked what a FPS is they look at you like you just asked them if they're on LSD and if you actually spell out "first-person shooter" they think "What the hell is a first person?". We need something that can bridge that gap between people who know what is being spoken about and those who have no clue. I'm also sick of seeing "FPS" thrown into the fiery depths of a technical paragraph, usually appearing around two or three times a sentence. I think something is needed that is aesthetically pleasing to see yet understandable to most. I thought about a few examples including, but not limited to: First-PersonS, Through The Eyes Gaming (or TTE Gaming) and ICS Games (I Can See! Games). Eventually I came up with something that is both an acronym and also in English. I give you…..

The FPShooter!!!

But wait, why stop there?! Why not include it's cousin, the third-person shooter? Or how about Role Playing Games? Puzzle adventures? Games about lacrosse? The ideas just kept flowing and once the beer stopped, I realised exactly what needed to be created. Here are my final ideas:

The FPShooter!
The 3
rdPShooter! (Because if we said "3PShooter" it would've seemed like there were three people playing it at all times….or something…..)
And finally, the RPGame!!!

...actually, scratch that last one. It's silly.

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