Sunday, March 15, 2015

Introduction to 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, extra-terrestrials, robotic life forms and everything in between. The year is 2015 and it's time to get underway. Last year I was slack and focused on work, university studies and the plethora of other personal issues I went through. This year is different. This year, will change. Or will it?

Firstly, I'd like to address the last blog post I did in relation to the Wii U and I'd like to say one small thing:

"Suck shit! I was right! The doubt should not have been real!"



Ahem, excuse me. Needed to get that off my chest. In the meantime, yes, the Wii U did amazingly well for what most people thought of as a lacklustre console in the current generation race. Mario Kart 8 boosted sales by up to 400% in May, the month of its release. Bayonetta 2 was released and was bundled with the first Bayonetta game, which was really cool. Two games for the price of one is great, but when it's Bayonetta it's awesome!  Hyrule Warriors was released and many people jumped on the limited edition bundle with the nice looking scarf. I managed to get my hands on one as well and I have to tell you, it's pretty comfy and warm. As for the game, it's very Dynasty Warriors but it doesn't just have a Legend of Zelda skin. It can be its own game in its own right. Now Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U! Oh dear lord! That thing is selling consoles by the truckload and it'll be interesting to see what the numbers are when we find out in a month or so.


Super Smash Bros., along with the aforementioned, have pushed the Wii U from a distant third to a must own second in the console race. While most people will be choosing between an Xbox One and a Playstation 4, the Wii U has a strong case to make as a secondary choice due to its differing selection in games. Hopefully it can still release some high quality games this year. Some titles would most likely be Splatoon and Yoshi's Woolly World.


Anyway, I'm going to end this one premature. However, I will find time to write more often. If you want to catch me on my day to day life, check out my Twitter and Facebook. Links are here:


Game on!

Holy Daprawn

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rant: Wii U

The hype train has well and truly come and gone for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Recently the PS4 has been in the news about bringing back older titles from their first three generations, some rumours even include the use of old discs but upscaled to HD. This is big news for a generation of game consoles which aimed to initially faze out the previous generation in favour of forcing customers to upgrade their hardware. The best news that Xbox can come up with this year, in my honest opinion, would be an update which allowed the use of Xbox 360 titles on the console. If that was the case, consider me sold! However, this isn't a three-way war of video games. Everybody remembers Nintendo yeah? Fitting in neither the red corner or the blue corner anymore, it sits on the sidelines waiting for it's turn to become to powerhouse it once used to be. It's newest console, the Wii U, hasn't sold anywhere near expected sales. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has even taken a pay cut of around 50% of his salary for the next 5 months while other executives of the company have taken cuts between 20-30%. Nintendo is facing a dead end, much like SEGA did when the Dreamcast flopped in 2001. However, is everything as bad as it seems?

Short answer: Not really. Nintendo can look to the Nintendo 3DS for inspiration on how to get the Wii U back as a marketable console. While the Wii had motion controls before any other console of its generation, the Wii U brought in a tablet which could also be used to play certain games without the need of a TV available. The difficulty of this is the choice game developers must decide on. Do they try and create their game to be used with the Wii U and the gamepad with the knowledge that the Wii U is experiencing poor sales? Or do they ignore the Wii U altogether and focus on consoles which are easier to develop for and have proven to be competitive sellers? For most, the choice is easily the latter. In order to turn this around, Nintendo must do what they did with the 3DS and release some must have games for the console. The 3DS had a steady release of much hyped games which ended up making it the best selling handheld of 2013. It had such titles as:

- Fire Emblem: Awakening
- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- Pokémon X & Y
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Now for me personally, the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf around June showed me exactly how many people owned a 3DS. Here I was thinking a few close friends owned one and next thing I knew, one in three people owned one! Gamers were given reason after reason to get a 3DS and it went crazy, with a 45% increase in software for the handheld since 2012. Now everyone is talking about the 3DS and it's time the Wii U gained the same publicity. 2014 looks really exciting for the Wii U in regars to their classic games, with titles such as these making their way to shelves (hopefully):

- Mario Kart 8
- Super Smash Bros. 4
- Bayonetta 2
- Hyrule Warriors
- A new Legend of Zelda game

Now on initial thoughts of that line up, it's primarily trusted game series. Mario Kart can almost do no wrong. Super Smash Bros. will be loved and cherished by everyone and is it's closer to Super Smash Bros. Melee it'll be a competitive favourite. Bayonetta 2 was a big surprise when Nintendo announced it as a Wii U exclusive, but we haven't really seen much of it since it was announced. Then you have your token Legend of Zelda game and the interesting Hyrule Warriors, which is a Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors cross. One game that didn't make the list was Watch Dogs, because we've all been waiting for it for over a year now and since Ubisoft deemed Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag more important, the staff were moved across to help ACIV get released on schedule. However with that line up, it's hard not to think that the nearly impossible, the Wii U becoming relevant again, will actually happen. Nintendo have a fighting chance, they just need to get their proven first party titles out there and try and get some third party support. Ubisoft had initially pledged to release consistent games on the Wii U but have started to take a backseat in that agreement.

The third option, and the most intriguing one I believe, can be split into two different paths: Nintendo could either give up on the Wii U, realise that it was what the Wii should have been last generation and start working on a real next generation console to match up with everything the PS4 and XBOne have, or they can go the path of SEGA, say that they've had their time building consoles and start releasing games for Sony and Microsoft. Hell, you may as well throw in mobile games too. Now path one would hopefully be the next step for Nintendo. Try and keep the Wii U afloat with first party titles but come up with a console that can appeal to the masses without all those gimmicks. Yes, it sounds like killing the creativity of Nintendo and pushing them in line with the other consoles, but it might be just what they need to save themselves financially. Then if that works they can continue on their path to innovate in making controllers for octopus'. The second option looks more real though, especially with the mobile games. Nintendo have already announced that they'll be releasing some software on mobile devices either this year or early next year. Hopefully that doesn't mean the death of them though.

All in all, I love my Wii U. It's not hard either, with NintendoLand still a party starter and with titles such as Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Zombie U, Monster Hunter Tri: Ultimate and LEGO City Undercover just to name a few, the Wii U has shown that it has potential. I bought mine day one because I believed that it would last long enough for Nintendo to come up with the next best thing. Am I a Nintendo fanboy? No, I just enjoy playing games and the Wii U has games I enjoy playing. It would be a shame to see Nintendo start to die off though. It's not the same having Sonic appear on a Playstation compared to being on the Dreamcast, and I'd find it just a little bit weird if Mario only showed on an Apple handheld and Microsoft's home console.


Monday, January 27, 2014

I am sorry.

No really, I truly am. To be honest I thought I'd be able to write for a blog such as this for a long time. I have so many ideas to write about and so many thoughts I just want to share, but it's honestly hard work. Props to all the other bloggers who do it on the side, not as a career. It's for enjoyment, not money. I mean, it'd be nice if it was for money but that's a long shot at my current rate of output.

This year, the year of 2014, I want to change that.

I want to upload a post at least once a week. That's my goal. If I manage to do more in a week then so be it, but I want it to be regular. Whether it's a review, an idea or a discussion topic, anything is better than nothing. I haven't uploaded anything since last June. That's over half a year ago. That's horrible.

Then again, I'm not only writing this for myself. I'm writing it for the couple of hundred or so spam accounts which manage to flood my blog with traffic, whether for a certain image I upload or for a Sonic the Hedgehog article which brings down the hate upon it. You can find the article here. Part one of that article has managed over 600 hits so far! Holy crap! If I manage to post regularly this year and even 5 articles get that much exposure I'd be a happy little bumble bee.

It also falls to you. Have an idea you'd like explained from my point of view? Have a game you'd like me to play? Let me know and I'll try and get to it. If I'm getting messages of people telling me they read my blog and like/hate it and want to see certain things, I'll try and accommodate. That's what I do.

Otherwise you'll be getting verbal diarrhoea spread out over all of the blog posts. Yeah, you don't want that.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Diary Entry 1

This town must be smoking some REAL strong weed, and I want some.

Ever since arriving at Essendon the townsfolk have looked up to me and called me their mayor. Come on! Really?! Here I am wanting to move to a new place and start a new life and everyone thinks I'm someone I'm not. Hell, I even got a letter from the real mayor who was like "'s up to you! You'll do great!".

Great you say?

I was first greeted with a lovely pitfall, just lying around. This town is up to something...

They were planning for me. Time to return the favour.

I can't delay much longer, I have to start on my plans immediately. 
This town is going to become my bitch.

After a couple of days catching all the fish in the lake and selling all the apples lying around town (The store is buying them, so why isn't anyone else smart enough to do it??) I decided to flex my mayoral muscles and post a bulletin on the bulletin board outside the train station. It went a little something like this:

I tried to add a classy side to an otherwise uneventful bulletin board.

Damn wenches better start paying up. This mansion I'm trying to build with that sleazy raccoon Nook won't come cheap. Then again, the 39,000 bell opening loan is pretty cheap, if you know the right places to sell. Apparently Nook's kid and that new Re-Tail place have the same prices. I don't care, as long as I'm getting sweet sweet bells.

The first person I met was Isabelle and it's very clear she wants the D. Why else would she be the mayor's assistant? She'll probably be the first to turn over to my side of thinking and if we work together, Essendon will fall.

This bitch. She's here 24 hours a day. Perfect as my very own personal assistant...

I've also started to make profiles on each of my residents so I can keep tabs on them, know when to please them so they can give me some bells. Anyway, they are:

- Moe, the cat. This little pussy keeps following me around. Hell, his house is right next door to my office. He needs to be dealt with first...

He didn't end up coming back home, but he will. He will...

- Camofrog, the frog. He wants an orchid mantis. Ain't no-one got time fo dat!

- Coach, the... I don't know what he is exactly. A bear? Whatever...He's a fitness freak and his house shows it. I think the best way to sabotage him would be to give him chocolate or something, if I can find any of that stuff at the useless shops.

- Peaches, the horse. She loves them apples. Also she's too nice for her own good. I mean, who puts a borrowed shirt in a present box just to return it?

- Pinky, the panda. Thinks she's cute in her dazed top. I think she'd look better dead on the floor. She also thought that I asked her for a jungle-camo shirt. I didn't. She must be the drug addict in town A.K.A my future supplier of not just free shirts.

We've had a new resident already, the very socialable sheep Timbra. All she wants to do is get everyone together to eat cake and learn more about each other. If this happens, it would make my plan all the more easier. Plus my bomb won't require too large an explosion. Only time will tell. There's also one more resident coming in tomorrow. Her name is Tammy and if she's another furry like most of the others, I'm going to have to hurry my acquisition of an axe.

Anyway, time to see what happens tomorrow. Once I pay off this initial debt with the crafty Nook I'll be able to see exactly what can happen around this town...


P.S If someone can equip me with an axe, I will spare all the trees in their village. And by trees, I mean all the fruit trees.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (2008)

Is this a joke? Did Chris and Tim Stamper wake up from their mighty hangover from the successes of Rare's previous titles Goldeneye 007, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark, money spilling from their pockets while the room span around like a CD and think to themselves "Hey man....lets make Banjo-Kazooie once more, but with vehicles...!" Like....fuck....what?

I'd avoid this game altogether with eyes like those on the front cover.

Now don't get me wrong, Banjo-Kazooie will forever be known as a solid, fun and enjoyable platforming title on the Nintendo 64 and its sequel Banjo-Tooie is still a marvel. But after continuous pressure to make Banjo-...Threeie (Dafuq?!) they decided to scrap the platforming goodness of the first two and make a completely different game which taunts the player for even playing it? That's just ridiculous! But no, the game stoops that low. During one of the loading screens, hints and tips usually pop up, until you come to this:

"Have you been playing for a while but still don't like the vehicle-based gameplay? Maybe you need to buy Banjo-Kazooie on Xbox Live Arcade instead."

Are you kidding me?

You know, this is the first game I've reviewed where I haven't yet finished the main storyline because the game was just too terrible to play. (EDIT: Actually, I didn't finish Pimp My Ride either, but that shit is cray-cray. Three levels was enough.) Instead I ended up spending a good few days building vehicles from the default parts that you get plus a few others from easy-to-reach crates in the hub world, Showdown Town, and then flying them around the practice map. Yes, that's all I did. No storyline was going to suck me in, I wanted to play the game and play it for what it was worth.

Really? Does this really need to be in a Banjo-Kazooie game? Rare!! Dafuq?!

After trying to build a good vehicle which could float, speed along the ground and fly as well I put it into action, only to see it run out of fuel after about 15 seconds of flight. The game is fairly good in a sense that once fuel runs out, it takes a few seconds before it recharges a fraction. This is probably reminiscent of the health system made famous by games such as Call of Duty where you take cover for a few seconds to stop seeing red. This was probably the only logical step the game made to try and be "modern" without taking the piss out of itself.

As you saw from the quote I mentioned above previously, the game doesn't try and make you feel like you're playing a good game. Even Mumbo walks around talking about how the game is shitty and that he just wants to retire. Kazooie is probably the only decent character in that he knows the game is boring and is only in it so he can go back to what he was doing, which was ironically playing is new Xbox 360. Since the game was meant to be released as a launch title, it heavily features Xbox 360s in the game with many references to sell the console even more, much like it's other Rare counter-part Viva Piñata.

^^ Better than being in the game itself. Kazooie knows what's up.

To the game's credit, it is still spoken about fairly highly. Not in gameplay and story mind you, but the physics of the vehicles. Make a vehicle too front-heavy and it will just drag along the ground. Make it too wide or long and it'll have problems turning. The vehicular based part of the game could've probably been made into it's own game, minus Banjo and Kazooie, and would've had moderate success. Yet no, Banjo-Kazooie had to be revived and much like Fox McCloud in Starfox Adventures, really didn't need a shift in genre to make a comeback. Just give us bloody Banjo-Kazooie in it's pure form and leave all the shit out Rare. You'll thank me for it later when you start to go back to your golden age of gaming.


Platform Used: Xbox 360

Score: 3/10

Recommendation: Avoid.

In short, that rating would be a 6 if the name Banjo-Kazooie was taken away. But no, Rare had to go and ruin a perfectly good game series. This review was fairly short, but that's because I played so little of the game that there wasn't much to talk about. Who knows, maybe I'll make a video. Everyone loves torture. =/

I would've given it a 2 but it's not on par with Sonic 06. Nothing is.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


You know, I'm getting real tired of seeing "first-person shooter" and "FPS". There's no middle ground. Most people when asked what a FPS is they look at you like you just asked them if they're on LSD and if you actually spell out "first-person shooter" they think "What the hell is a first person?". We need something that can bridge that gap between people who know what is being spoken about and those who have no clue. I'm also sick of seeing "FPS" thrown into the fiery depths of a technical paragraph, usually appearing around two or three times a sentence. I think something is needed that is aesthetically pleasing to see yet understandable to most. I thought about a few examples including, but not limited to: First-PersonS, Through The Eyes Gaming (or TTE Gaming) and ICS Games (I Can See! Games). Eventually I came up with something that is both an acronym and also in English. I give you…..

The FPShooter!!!

But wait, why stop there?! Why not include it's cousin, the third-person shooter? Or how about Role Playing Games? Puzzle adventures? Games about lacrosse? The ideas just kept flowing and once the beer stopped, I realised exactly what needed to be created. Here are my final ideas:

The FPShooter!
The 3
rdPShooter! (Because if we said "3PShooter" it would've seemed like there were three people playing it at all times….or something…..)
And finally, the RPGame!!!

...actually, scratch that last one. It's silly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In case you didn't know...

I'm on Facebook! That's right, I have another output to...output (*cringe*) my work. I'll be using that page a little more regularly than this here blog, so go over and give it a "Like".

In the meantime, here's a couple of games which I'll be looking at very soon among others:

  • Pokémon Diamond (GBC) - It's on the Game Boy Colour. Yes, I know it's not "real" but it's a game nevertheless.
  • Toy Story 2 (N64) - I actually can't wait!
  • Slender (PC) - If I can get it to work, I'll make this a video response.
  • Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (360) - Sounds like fun.
Here's a picture. Bye now. =)