Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And so it begins...

Hi, my name is Sean and I play video games.

2012 is upon us. Entertainment is around every corner and you can't walk through a major city without some form of advertisement for a video game. Face it, it's the newest popular form of media and entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, I don't believe that 3D technology has the capacity to occupy the pedestal: it's just not that great yet. Give it some time and perhaps we can see a change. Until then, video games are making their mark and they're here to stay.

Yes, I realise there's a gazillion different blogs online about video gaming but hey, it's worth a shot right? I'll be focusing on a couple of things during this here blog:

- Game Previews and Reviews
- Achievement/Trophy guides
- Posts where I look back on older games
- Ranting and raving about anything video games
- Maybe the odd YouTube video if they're up to my standard (which I admit, can be pretty low sometimes. Must keep your mind open.)
- General thoughts on anything I feel like (It could be a quiet week on the video games front.)

Phew, done. First post out of the way. For my next "real" post, I'm going to be looking at a game which has both haters and fanboys alike on either side of it's humour and etiquette (or lack of). It was also considered to be vaporware for most of it's life cycle.

I will present to you...Duke Nukem Forever.

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