Saturday, January 7, 2012

Preview: Castle Story

Everybody knows Minecraft right? Indie game of the year? One of the major pushers towards Indie gaming this past 2 years? Anyway, it was big. Like, REALLY big for a game that wasn't even officially released at the time and was releasing a patch every three months or so. Anyway, this was followed by another game, Terraria. Terraria was 2D, not 3D like Minecraft, but allowed you to craft and build things in a similar fashion. However, it also included more enemies, an (arguably) better system of tunnels which eventually led you to hell and different weapons besides the sword or bow and arrow found in Minecraft. Either way, I enjoyed both games, playing solo or with friends, which makes the next game I'm about to mention intriguing.

Castle Story is built by two Canadians in Montréal and follows a similar vein to Minecraft with building castles, collecting resources and defending our wares. It reminds me a bit of Dwarf Fortress in a sense that you use little helpers called "Bricktrons" who collect stone, cut down trees and build your buildings for you. It's made with the Unity engine, if you have any idea what that is. Here's an 11 minute introduction to the game. I suggest you watch it:

It looks intriguing so far and it will be interesting to see what it develops into. Some of the things it uses is how notably RTS it is, with some "other elements" and the physics of the game. In the video they blow up a tower connected to their castle with explosive barrels and the physics of each brick looked really cool. The dynamic landscape over the 'blocks' that make up the world is impressive as well.

The dynamic landscape gives it a smoother looks to Minecraft.

Some people have said that it's the "Minecraft Killer" and I have to tell you that it won't be. However, that's not to say it won't be enjoyable and I'm positive it can work alongside Minecraft to be the benchmark for a new genre in creative games.


This is definitely one to watch. Although only in early stages, this looks like a fairly solid idea and a game you'll enjoy in 2012 if you liked Minecraft.

The official site can be found here:

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