Friday, January 20, 2012

Diary of an MMORPG player: Flyff, Day 2

Okay, I admit it. That previous post probably didn't help my cause about playing Flyff. But you know what? Neither do I, that's why I'm asking. >.>

So anyway, I started off my adventure in a little town called Flarine. Now you might expect the town to be the size of a town like, say, Pallet Town? Well, it's larger than that. In fact, it's so big it has a Flarine Central, Flarine East and a Flarine North. Nope, no West or South. Not cool enough methinks.

Is it just me, or does it look like an ax on it's side?

So you start in Central Flarine and you accustom yourself to many of the different stalls. I'm one of those impatient people when it comes to some games, so I didn't read much of the text as I went through all of the introductory quests. However, it got to a stage where I was told to go to the Shield Shop. Me, being the brute that I am, didn't necessarily want a shield...

(Weapons) Boboku: "Now you're ready to look at shields."

[Quest Declined]

(Weapons) Boboku: "Look, I know it's not as exciting as axes and swords, but you'll need one just the same. Plus he's got plenty of other stuff for sale, so pay him a visit."

[Quest Declined]

(Weapons) Boboku: "Go see Luda next door at the Shield Shop and he'll take care of you (otherwise I will)."

That hammer isn't just for show...

The NPC was bigger than me and I'm pretty sure was also invincible, so I didn't like my chances. I ended up getting some pissy shield, because no-one cares about a Level 1 when you have to go and kill the easiest enemies around: an Aibatt.

It's like a cross between a Zubat and a Gastly while equally as common.

Anyway, a couple of hours pass (because I can say that SO casually) and I return to the Flarine's historian Martinyc after finishing one of her quests, ready to start a new one. This is where the game really shines. Well, I shouldn't really say that, but the following situation will bring to light exactly what these NPCs actually expect of me:

[Historian] Martinyc: “I received plenty of money to study history thanks to you.”

[From previous exchanges, I've found out that most of the history books are corrupt, with fake entries and whatnot.]

[Historian] Martinyc: “The other day I was almost killed by renegade Blades but I cannot stop now. No matter what the History Society wants.”

[Um...what? You survived an attempted assassination by the...History Society? You are a ditsy NPC, how the hell did you survive??]

[Historian] Martinyc: “I will found out the true history of Madrigal, I have to. Would you please help me? The danger for you could be great however.”

[I'm pretty sure you meant "find". As for the danger being great? It can't be too much harder than some level 12 Lawolves.]

[Historian] Martinyc: “Will you help me regardless of the danger?”

[Hang on a second here. Regardless? This could be a trick. You might be the Devil Incarnate ready to bring forth a volcano from where I stand with the click of your fingers. I could be captured, mutilated horribly and then tortured for whatever information I hold, which is practically nothing because I've skipped most of the game's dialogue. TL;DR: I'm having second thoughts here...]

Pictured: Danger.

So anyway, I'm reaching level 15 soon, which means that I can get rid of the label "Vagrant" and I can choose my first job. Hopefully these jobs have a better pay rate than some fast food outlets and service stations...

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