Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diary of an MMORPG player: Flyff, Day 1

So a friend came to me today and said "Hey, I found this MMO while looking for something besides Puzzle Pirates. You may like this.". Yes, I realise that the first line of this entry makes it sound like my friend plays games directed at little kids, but who's to say it can't be played by older gamers? Anyway, he pointed me towards this game called Flyff. It looks like a spelling error, doesn't it? Yeah, well, it's not. It stands for "Fly for Fun". Either way, I'm open to play any game, so I booted it up and gave it a try. Once I did, I realised a few problems within the first few minutes.

Firstly, I opened up the program and after the obligatory patches and whatnot, I was presented with a window of white. Windows then decided to pop on over after having too much Chrome and said

"Oh hai! Looks like Flyff is not responding. Shut everything down? =)"

"No, I just want the game to work. Maybe if I gave it some time..."


"I think I can wait it out. I'm not in a rush or anything-"


I was *this* close to being mad, but I'm good now. The monitor? Not so much...

So after clicking "Restart Later" lo and behold, Flyff started to work! After signing in and clicking my preferred server, which my friend was positive is one of the best servers, I was told yet again that the program was not responding. However, this didn't stop it from actually signing in to the server and working like it should.

Okay, before we go any further, here's the back story on Flyff. I'll try and make it as simple as possible (not that it needs to get any simpler) and break each chapter down into dot points. Quick tip: there are 4 chapters. The last one is two sentences long. Here we go!

Chapter 1:
- There were 5 big, awesome dudes called the "Creators" who ruled just about everything.
- They got bored.
- They decided to create a world of magic because, well, I don't know, they were bored?
- The elements used were Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and...Lightning?
- They called it Roika, probably because "Metropolis" is over-used.

Chapter 2:
- Humans were the dominant species because ants weren't around.
- The Humans grew lonely and wanted companions. I'm guessing for the same reason sheep are found in New Zealand. (I may assume incorrectly and I apologise if I do)
- Dwarpets were born because 'why have a pet, when it can be a Dwarpet?' (Dwarpets are "skilled humanoids" that possess secrets, because what's a game without secrets?)
- Dwarpets and Humans ran the world for generations. I'm guessing not long enough for sharks to start growing legs and begin their conquest on land.
- The Creators grew bored of the new world they created, so like a child in a zoo, moved on to something better.
- Because the Humans and Dwarpets begged and asked really nicely, the Creators left a protector to...protect?
- The protector got lonely because they didn't have a sexy secretary named Lily.

Chapter 3:
- The protector made three "Clown Gods" because IT isn't scary enough, so you need three.
- One represented joy and purity. Another represented fear and anger (so wait, they actually made IT? What's more, a female one??) and the third represented apathy and neutrality. Yes, that's right, make an apathetic Clown God. I can see how that goes down. Let me guess, he's not convinced to doing the shows because he can't be bothered walking around in shoes 10 sizes too big. That's probably it.
- So then IT decides it would be best to "create disorder" and so she breaks off a part of Roika so that she could see all the mortals on the newly floating block slowly wither and die. Painfully. This soon-to-be-dead rock became known as Madrigal.
- The Humans and Dwarpets on Madrigal proceeded to give IT the single digit salute and rebuilt their cities, mocking their Clown God.
- IT got pissy, called cheat and then created her own race called the Masquerpets to destroy Madrigal.
- The joy and purity Clown God suddenly became non-joyous and Falcon Punched Madrigal into 3 separate continents.
- The apathetic Clown God did nothing. At all. Like a boss.
- There were apparently 8 or so Heroes who then opened up a can of Shaq-Fu on IT, saving Madrigal, but nobody really cares any more. It was SO long ago...

Chapter 4:
- Everybody on Madrigal starts training for the day IT decided it's time for Round 2.
- ...that's it. I fit both sentences into the one dot point. There is nothing else to add.

This is what makes a clown apathetic. Treat them nice kids!

So yeah, that's the ingenious back story behind Flyff. I have one comment to make about all of that: everyone's bloody forever alone, aren't they? Geez, the Humans, the protector, just everyone. So alone. I'm sick of that 'alone' crap. Couldn't they think of some better reasons? Also, an apathetic clown? Really? Sounds more like the writers couldn't be bothered thinking of something better...

I'll come back to a point I briefly mentioned in the intro: "is this really a game for kids, or is it a childish game for adults?" Me? I don't know personally, which is why I'll play and find out.

Finally, into the game we go...next post. =P

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